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Home Office Ideas: 7 Tips for Creating Your Perfect Work Space

In this pandemic, we have come across several customers asking for home office interior design support and ideas to create a workspace that's both functional and stylish. Precisely, home office interior ideas that offer more "home" feel than traditional office set up, while still creating a practical and productive workspace. Here are some tips from our expert office interior designer in Mumbai on how to affordably and easily bring function and fun to your home office space.

Don't restrict yourself to "official" furniture 

You don’t need office furniture always to create a functional workspace. Certainly, office furniture provides a more substantial workspace to easily spread out your work stuff, but you can also create the same magic with a comfortable dining table and chair. Drape a sheepskin or a soft cushion for extra comfort and warmth.

Decorative and functional paints

Consider doing one wall in chalkboard or whiteboard paint. It is permanent (and green!) way to house your to-do lists and ideas. 

Light it up

Lighting is another essential aspect that creates all the difference in an office, both functionally and aesthetically, as you couldn’t have a productive day in a dark working environment. We suggest overhead lighting, table, or standing lamp for more flexibility. You can also try adding some décor light lamps that serve both purposes as a décor element and being productive. 

Bring the outside in

Every workspace requires a minimum of one plant which is proven to be productivity boosters. They decrease stress levels, increase focus, improve air quality, and efficiency. A simple greenish or a larger plant can do a great job as a decorative planter. 

Make it personal

There is one thing that all the designers agree on, that is your home office should reflect you and your style. You may add more personal touches by placing your favourite art piece or a special item you love, It can be anything that makes your workspace feel uniquely yours.

We hope these tips can bring more style and functionality to your office space. Need even more help? Get in touch with Decorwale!