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Get a modern and classic living room with these guidelines

Willing to get timeless living room décor? Here are some tips from the best interior designers in Mumbai to make your living room classic, modern and functional.

Incorporate design that has staying power

Timeless interior design is meant to stay for a longer duration rather than being temporary. This design was something that can be considered to be on-trend and can never fade.  If you wish to get a living room to have a timeless look, and one which still feels fresh and relevant in the present as it was yesterday, and it will be relevant tomorrow.   Look for the colours, designs, and styles that are considered as “classic”.

Go for a classic style

For an impressive classic style, you will need stripes, strong columns, statues, and architectural mouldings. The timeless living room will mostly play upon these details. The interiors of your home can be designed in such a way to complement the architectural style. 

Hence your interior design and décor shall complement all these details. A home with a timeless living room utilizes natural resources and elements like stones, woods, natural fibres and brick.

Make sure your home doesn’t look like a faded

In a classic way of decors, it resists the current trends and is quietly simple, understated, and sophisticated. The designed was meant to be highly functional, but not to be boring and bland.  Your timeless style is adaptable, subtle, and outlasts.

You can incorporate some other elements or design and pull them within the décor style. If you wish, you can also place some antique showpieces or furniture against a neutral wall. 

The showcase of a large piece of contemporary or modern art does not only offer fabulous look but also considered as a timeless décor style. A classic décor style is all about creating a sense of order and of balance. The functional features are the key essence of timeless interior design.

Be functional

A timeless design is more sensible and functional. It’s not above the top nor is it boring. It is also perfectly proportioned and scaled.  When creating this kind of functional space you can see that the furniture in the room should fit in perfectly.